About Us

Yuvita Linens uses only the highest quality linen and a signature herbal enzyme wash to create beautiful and timeless garments. All our linen is sourced from the fertile land of Belarus and produced mindfully to create the best possible pieces. We’ve been producing some of the highest quality linen since the 1980’s and are passionate about the healing properties of flax-based apparel.

All our pieces start in an organic field of pure flax. After the flax is handpicked, we produce the garment in-house to create beautiful, quality pieces. The finishing touch? Submerging each garment in our unique herbal enzyme composed of 26 healing herbs. This enzyme is key to creating a soft yet durable garment. The wash is one-of-a kind, resulting in a unique process of creating linen that can’t be replicated. Our linen isn’t gauzy and delicate - it is robust, durable and becomes softer after every use.

Linen is a one of the most technologically advanced fabrics in the planet. The benefits of a linen-heavy wardrobe are endless. Linen is valued not only for its coolness and freshness in hot weather but for its healing properties. Linen serves as a natural antiseptic, meaning bacteria or fungus can’t live in the fabric. It is calming, blocks radiation, limits exposure to free-radicals and has been known to prevent thyroid issues. Linen as a fabric is not only healing, but beautiful in fabric quality and intention.

We invite you to join our Yuvita family!